Standing on the Trigger:

Navigating the Aftermath of Childhood Trauma

About a month ago,

I was fully in the throes of a trigger.

Trauma is re-experienced in the present, not as a story, but as profoundly disturbing physical sensations and emotions that may not be consciously associated with memories of past trauma. Terror, rage and helplessness are manifested as bodily reactions, like a pounding heart, nausea, gut-wrenching sensations and characteristic body movements that signify collapse, rigidity or rage….

I’m almost fifty years old. In real time, I realized this might be the first time I’d ever slammed into awareness mid-trigger.

Stories are important,” the monster said. “They can be more important than anything. If they carry the truth.”

Fostering holographic perspectives on sticky topics. Trauma researcher, author of The Strangler Fig: Essays on Growth After Trauma, for release Summer 2021

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